Jun. 25, 2019

Bipartisan-supported plan prioritizes education, saving for the future
HARRISBURG – Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) today voted in favor of the bipartisan-supported 2019-20 state budget, which spends $33.9 billion, a 1.8% increase over the current fiscal year, with no new or increased taxes. Following passage of the budget, she issued this statement:

“Following several years of battling against the governor’s proposed tax increases, we are seeing the fruits of our labor with businesses thriving and unemployment plummeting. This has all resulted in a healthier economy with rising state revenues that have put us in a position to set aside more than $250 million in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. Saving for future possible economic downturns will help us to stave off the need for any future tax increases.

“Education was a huge priority in the 2019-20 budget. An increase in funding of $432 million has been dedicated to preK-12th grade education. Areas in the budget to receive additional funding include basic education, special education, higher education, Pre-K Counts, school choice scholarships, school safety, and career and technical education. Public libraries, which have not received an increase in funding for several years, are also being given a $5 million increase.

“Making sure our students receive a quality education in a safe learning environment is a top priority, which is why 38% of the entire state budget is being dedicated to education.

“I was also pleased to have an additional $26.3 million dedicated to mental health services, $84.8 million for the Intellectual Disabilities-Community Waiver Program and a 2% increase for homecare workers who care for seniors with physical disabilities.

“This budget addresses the state’s core priorities and puts us on the right economic path moving forward.”

The budget bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. For more information on the 2019-20 budget, visit PAHouseGOP.com.

Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tricia Lehman
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