Toepel Backs Legislation To Reform Welfare in Pennsylvania

Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) issued the following statement regarding legislation unveiled today by House Republicans designed to rid Pennsylvania's public assistance program of fraud and abuse:


"Welfare reform in Pennsylvania is a commonsense idea whose time has come. Every dollar wasted through fraud takes a dollar out of the hands of someone who actually needs assistance.


"This legislation has many benefits and mechanisms designed to thwart fraud and abuse including requiring welfare recipients to be and remain completely drug-free. Your government should not be subsidizing drug abuse. Recipients will also be required to display official photo identification for purchases and be subject to income verification. Prevention of fraud and abuse is essential in fixing this problem.


"Make no mistake; this legislation is designed to clean up welfare fraud and abuse, not take assistance away from those who truly need help. I look to my colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, to stand behind this legislation. It offers a serious, sustainable approach to fixing the runaway train known as welfare fraud."


More information on this legislation is available at

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