Toepel Appointed to Serve on House Select Committee on School Safety

HARRISBURG – As part of Pennsylvania’s commitment to evaluating and increasing the safety and security of its educational institutions, Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) today announced her appointment to the bipartisan House Select Committee on School Safety.

“After the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, there was an increased level of interest in school security across the state and nation. Several different safety proposals have been rattled off and I believe the answer to our needs is somewhere in between the extremes,” said Toepel. “Pennsylvania is not immune to tragedies such as Sandy Hook Elementary. It’s an honor to be selected to serve on this committee to ensure that all educational facilities in Pennsylvania are taking action toward making their facilities safer and more secure for its students, staff and visitors.”

House Resolution 53, which recently passed the House unanimously, created this 15-member committee to conduct a detailed study of school safety and security procedures, with the ability to call witnesses and obtain documents, before issuing a report of its findings and recommendations by Sept. 30.

More specifically, this committee will investigate, review and make recommendations for security policies and procedures in public and nonpublic schools and institutions of higher education in this Commonwealth; state laws and regulations related to school safety and security; early detection of potentially violent criminals; as well as any potential budgetary, revenue and governance reforms necessary to address these matters.

This committee is composed of two members – one from each the majority and minority sides – from each of these committees: Education, Health, Local Government, Children and Youth, Judiciary, and Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness, and three at-large members with one serving as chairperson. Toepel was selected on behalf of the House Health Committee.

Ultimately, this report could lead to legislation, policies, executive orders, best practices, etc. – with the overall goal of helping to ensure the safety within Pennsylvania’s schools.

“I thank House Speaker Sam Smith and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai for appointing me to this important committee. Once our work is done on this committee, it is my hope that other states will look at Pennsylvania as a model state for school safety and security,” said Toepel.

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Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Lauren Whetzel
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