Toepel Announces More Than $40,000 in State Grants Awarded to Montco Communities in 147th Legislative District

RED HILL – Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) today announced more than $40,000 in state funds have been awarded to seven municipalities located within the 147th Legislative District through the Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling Performance Grant Program.

“Recycling helps to keep our communities cleaner and allows us to reuse metals, glass, plastics, paper and other valuable resources and keep them out of our landfills,” said Toepel. “This funding helps to offset the cost of county recycling efforts, providing some relief to the taxpayers in Montgomery County.”

The Recycling Performance Grant Program was established under Act 101 of 1988, the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act. Under this law, municipalities with more than 10,000 residents and those with populations between 5,000 and 10,000 that have population densities greater than 300 people per square mile must establish recycling programs. Currently, 440 of Pennsylvania’s 2,700 municipalities are required to recycle and provide curbside collection programs.

Recycling Performance Grants are available to all Pennsylvania municipalities with established recycling programs. These grant awards were based on the total tons recycled and each municipality’s recycling rate for the calendar year 2010.

This year, the state awarded $17.8 million in recycling grants to 131 municipalities and counties for developing and implementing recycling programs. The grants are funded by the $2 tipping fee per ton paid by haulers on all waste managed at municipal landfills and resource recovery facilities in Pennsylvania.

Here is a list of this year’s local grant recipients:

  • Douglass Township, $25,017, for 1,740 tons recycled.
  • Perkiomen Township, $9,596, for 914 tons recycled.
  • Upper Frederick Township, $3,163, for 321 tons recycled.
  • Red Hill Borough, $2,072, for 213 tons recycled.
  • Lower Frederick Township, $1,428, for 222 tons recycled.
  • Marlborough Township, $789, for 130 tons recycled.
  • East Greenville/Pennsburg, $606, for 135 tons recycled.

Post-consumer aluminum and steel cans, glass, plastics, cardboard, newspapers and other marketable grades of paper were materials eligible for the grants. Additionally, all eligible materials collected from residents, business, schools, colleges, universities and community events were factored into the grant awards.

These grants are supplemental to the funds that the state Department of Environmental Protection allocates to municipalities to establish and maintain recycling programs. 

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Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact:  Lauren Whetzel
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