Toepel Advocates for Responsible Spending Through the Taxpayer Protection Act
HARRISBURG – Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) supports legislation that would give Pennsylvania voters the power to amend the state constitution to limit government spending.
House Bill 472, which Toepel co-sponsored, is known as the Taxpayer Protection Act.
If adopted, the bill would amend the state constitution. The proposed amendment would cap any increase in government spending to the rate of inflation and population growth, forcing lawmakers to prioritize how money is spent. The amendment would also create a cushion for difficult financial times by establishing a rainy day fund.
“The Taxpayer Protection Act simply indicates that state government must do what families in the Commonwealth have been doing for a long time: prioritize spending to live within their means and have a rainy day fund for any unexpected difficulties,” Toepel said. “It’s time that the government is required to have same standards that families are forced to have.”
Since Republicans have regained control of both chambers of the General Assembly in 2010, they have crafted budgets that have upheld the principles of the Taxpayer Protection Act. However, without passage of the bill, nothing requires future legislators and governors to following the act’s guidelines.
“The state constitution requires that we construct a balanced budget, but that does not protect working families from higher taxes. Without passage of the bill, nothing can prevent taxes from being raised to meet the requirement of balancing the budget,” Toepel said. “That’s why I feel it’s imperative to approve the act.”
Before voters have a final say, the Taxpayer Protection Act must first be approved by two successive general assemblies. The earliest a referendum could come to the public would be 2017.
Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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