Toepel Shields Commonwealth Residents from Broad-Based Tax Increases
HARRISBURG – Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) joined the majority of her colleagues in the state House today as they voted against the broad-based taxes contained in Gov. Tom Wolf’s tax plan that would have resulted in billions of dollars of taxes for residents of the Commonwealth by raising the Personal Income Tax (PIT) by 16 percent. The House vote was 127 to 73.

“Gov. Wolf’s plan would have required that working Pennsylvanians and small businesses shoulder billions of dollars of tax hikes,” Toepel said. “Middle-class families and small businesses – like the many that are trying to succeed in the 147th District – should not be forced to do more with less when their government isn’t willing to do the same.”

After the governor’s insistence that he had the votes necessary to pass his tax proposal, his plan was offered as an amendment to a bill that was considered yesterday by the state House.

Not only was the House unable to support yesterday’s proposal, but also the legislation voted upon in June which contained even higher tax increases as outlined in the governor’s March budget address. Because there is no support for broad-based tax increases, Toepel encourages all parties involved to face reality.

“Both votes have made it clear that those leading the Commonwealth find it impossible to justify billions in tax increases. Rather than spend time trying to push tax hikes through, I hope we can come together to end the impasse,” Toepel said. “Today is day 100 without a passed budget, and our constituents are suffering without a budget. We have a very important job to accomplish that must be done without delay.”

Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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