Toepel Joins Veto-Proof Majority to Restore $5 Million in Montco Education Funding
HARRISBURG – Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) today voted to pass legislation that would restore $150 million in education funding that was cut by Gov. Tom Wolf’s fiscal code veto and drive the funding out fairly to school districts in the Commonwealth.

While Gov. Tom Wolf allowed the 2015-16 budget to become law in March, he vetoed the accompanying Fiscal Code. Instead, he crafted his own funding formula which would have sent about half of the new money to three school districts: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Chester Upland.

Toepel issued the following statement today following the bicameral, bipartisan and veto-proof votes approving a new fiscal code that contains the funding formula recommended by the bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission:

“Today’s votes in both the House and the Senate seek to reverse Gov. Wolf’s $150 million education funding cut that the Commonwealth would have suffered. Montgomery County alone would have lost more than $5 million, including Basic Education Funding, Ready-to-Learn Block Grant money and school construction reimbursements. Losing that amount of money would have exacerbated the burden felt by taxpayers in the form of higher property taxes as school districts would have been forced to make ends meet. The votes represent not only a win for students, but for the taxpayers as well.”

Representative Marcy Toepel
147th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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