Toepel Receives Committee Assignments

Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) has been appointed to serve on the House Commerce, Health and Human Services, and Urban Affairs committees during her first term as state representative for Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

The Urban Affairs Committee is involved in issues dealing with housing, urban redevelopment, land use planning and zoning, growth management, infrastructure financing and city services such as police, fire, sewage and water, among others.  The Commerce Committee’s focus is on business and economic development in Pennsylvania.  

“Eliminating unreasonable regulations for job creators is one of my top legislative priorities,” said Toepel.  “I am hopeful that serving on the Commerce Committee will enable me to work toward this goal.” 

Toepel is particularly satisfied with her appointment to the Health and Human Services Committee.  This committee handles legislation on disease control and prevention, welfare reform, mental health and mental retardation issues, health care for the uninsured, pharmaceuticals, treatment for substance abuse, and autism.   

“Health care is such a crucial issue at a time when costs are skyrocketing,” said Toepel.  “The work of this committee affects so many of our families and seniors; it’s not an assignment I take lightly.   

“Overall, I am very pleased with these committee assignments, and I look forward to using them to further serve the needs of the 147th Legislative District,” said Toepel. 

Rep. Marcy Toepel
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