Budget Bill Sets Pennsylvania Up for Failure, Toepel Says

Following the passage of House Bill 2279, the 2010-11 general appropriations bill, Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery) issued the following statement:  

“After much deliberation, voting against the budget was absolutely crucial.  I had to vote no for this bill because it does nothing to protect my district and the rest of the Commonwealth from a fiscal disaster next year. 

“Aside from the fact that this $28 billion budget simply spends too much, it heavily relies on funds we will lose and funds we may not even receive.  Governor Ed Rendell used the federal stimulus dollars to create new programs and increase spending.  What will we do when we lose those dollars next year?  It sets us up for a minimum $3 billion deficit next year. 

“This budget depends on an additional $850 million from the federal government which is not guaranteed.  We may also have to repay monies transferred from the MCare fund last year if the state’s appeal of the Commonwealth Court’s decision fails.  To balance a budget on uncertainties is incomprehensible.  Our families and seniors don’t do that at home.  How can the state manage their hard-earned tax dollars like that? 

“I commend our legislative leaders for working in a bipartisan fashion to get the budget completed on time.  I understand that crafting a state budget is not easy and not everyone makes out well in the end, but we should be very worried.  This budget does nothing to protect us from the massive deficits that are coming.  We should be planning, preparing and passing a budget that reflects the reality of our financial situation.  This budget does not do that, and for those reasons I could not vote for this spending package.” 

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